Healthy LIfestyle

My goal as a health coach is to provide excellent customer service to my clients as I help them realize their goals and adopt sustainable healthy lifestyle habits that will add years and quality to their lives. I truly believe that we are not meant to do this life alone and that includes wellness and fitness. JOIN one of my clean eating demos, attend a Fit Zone class, or participate in the life-changing 30 Day Healthy Living Groups!



Healthy Living Program

Give your body a chance to reboot. It’s not often that we take a period of time to be intentional with the foods we eat and those we avoid. It would be my honor to coach you through this process. In 30 Days, you can completely change the way you look, feel, and perform! And my ultimate goal is to teach you how to maintain these new habits well beyond the 30 days, so they become lifestyle!

$9/day for 30 days

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Personalized coaching

If you are looking for a tailored program that allows you to reach your goals while also conforming to your lifestyle, 1:1 coaching is a great place to start. After a thorough evaluation of your current habits and your goals, I will design a personalized program for you to follow.

$75 / month

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Food prep demos

Come taste and experience that clean eating does not have to be boring or complicated. I would love to invite you into my kitchen so you can watch me in action. I will make a giant mess of my kitchen and showcase everyday tips, tools and techniques that you can adopt right away. Come hungry, leave empowered and inspired!

$30 / 2.5 hour class

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